Arete Index

The Most Value - Creating Angels


The 2024 Arete Index – the world’s most value-creating angel investors

Angel investors have transformed the face of global business over the past 60 years. They are born risk takers. They are driven, passionate, innovators who crave improvement, motion and progress. Like the unicorns and decacorns they help create, they are elusive beings.

The 2024 Arete Index aims to collect the world’s top most value-creating angel investors. Similar to its ancient Greek origins, the Arete Index members are fulfilling their purpose and bringing excellence to the world, one investment at a time.
The Arete Index was created in 2023 by entrepreneur and angel investor Oskar Hartmann as a means to recognize and celebrate the immense value these daring investors bring to humanity. His aspiration is to strengthen connections between existing and aspiring angel investors, and provide a valuable resource for founders looking for funding to build their dreams.

We carefully select the angel investors on this list based on the total value they have added to the world economy. A combination of the number of successful exits, the total valuation of their investment portfolios and how appreciated they are by the founders they enable, their exact value is priceless.

This year’s list was developed in collaboration with Hartmann Holdings, Founders Forum Group and Accumulator.

All information presented in the Arete Index has been obtained from public sources. Arete Index is not responsible for any use of this information by third parties. Any personal data that may be used in the ranking can be removed upon request.